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“A Qualified Geriatric Care Manager

Can Change Your Life”

One of the most challenging things that a baby boomer must face when dealing with their aging parent’s health conditions is time management. I don’t care if you live 10 minutes away or are across the country – the fact of the matter is that you have your own life to tend to, your own family, and you may feel guilty for not being able to care for Mom or Dad as much as you’d like, or as much as they need.


This is where a care manager can literally be a godsend for your family.


In my years I’ve gotten to know exceptional care managers, as well as people who shouldn’t be allowed to wear the title – Period.


And I’ve broken down all of my “insider” knowledge down for you…


…putting you on the “fast track” to finding and using the amazing resource of care management…


…and making the process as smooth as humanly possible.


You will learn things like:

  • The Top 5 Indicators that a professional geriatric care manager may be right for you and your parent! (Hint – If you feel the slightest bit overwhelmed by your aging parent situation, then get ready for smooth sailing from here on out)
  • The number one thing care managers can do to make your life 10-times easier – starting the very first day – which most adult children overlook completely!
  • How to detect whether you should be the one taking action to investigate care management for your aging parent! (Note – If you have siblings, this may be the most important information you could ever receive)
  • The 3 Most Important backgrounds a care manager should have – if they are credible – and what each credential means for your parent’s future!
  • The first five steps any good care manager should take before anything else! (Note – If your potential care manager does NOT take these steps, you can cross them off your list quickly…saving you from days of head-aching consideration)
  • The Seven Major Responsibilities any good care manager should handle, how to address them with potential applicants, and how to relieve yourself of these responsibilities while staying in complete control of it all!
  • Everything a care manager CANNOT DO – legal, financial, and medical – that most people wrongly assume! (Hint – Knowing the “do’s” and “don’ts” of a care manager can make the entire process smoother than you’ve ever dreamed possible)
  • How to assess your parent’s specific needs and a step-by-step breakdown of what “type” of care manager can suit your parent best!
  • How to determine the affordability of a care manager, what they cost, and why you should consider the expenditure!
  • How to find a qualified and experienced care manager fast! (Hint – If you value your time and energy, this section is worth its weight in gold)
  • The Top Five Questions to ask yourself when considering a care manager that most adult children miss completely, how to ask them, and what the answers mean for your parent’s well being!
  • Seven quick-start tips for finding (and efficiently using) a care manager qualified to tackle every daily burden you may have…alleviating you of parent-caused stress…and finally giving you the relief you deserve, even if you live across town or across the country!



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"Thank you for the article on the "grey area". It validated what I am currently going through with my Mother. It is so painful for me to go back and forth with her behavior. I just don't know what to do about the estranged sister who has exploited well over $50K of my mother's savings and my Mothers admitted " lack of "will power" to say no to her." Robert ________________________________ "I do want to thank you for the Webinar you offered. It helped me a great deal as I was facing the need to lead our family in finding a safe living situation for our mother. That information and the other information you offered as downloads gave me much needed guidance when I was feeling tremendous anxiety and uncertainty." Betty
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