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Newsletter May 2009

Aging Parents Newsletter – May 2009 Hello {!firstname}, It’s Carolyn here with your May edition of the Aging Parents newsletter. In our consulting practice, we often come across the problem of elders who are losing capacity for decision-making, but are

Newsletter June 2009 Newsletter – June 2009 Hi {!firstname}, It’s Carolyn here with your June edition of the Aging Parents newsletter. I hope you found last month’s edition helpful on the frightening thing about having a loved one in “the grey area”.

Newsletter July 2009 Newsletter – July 2009 In addition to receiving our monthly newsletter, you are now eligible for a discount off all products! Please use coupon code 061809 before checking out to receive up to 15% off. Court Limits an

Newsletter August 2009 News Letter August 2009 Please Call Us At (866-962-4464) Welcome to’s August newsletter. We had some interesting responses to last month’s issue about the court limiting a person’s right to use her own care workers in an assisted

Newsletter September 2009 News Letter September 2009 For those of you who are new to the newsletter, welcome to the community. For those who received our last issue, we hope you found it useful. Our aim is to encourage and inform.

Newsletter October 2009 News Letter October 2009 Hi, {!firstname}, Hello, and to our new readers, welcome to the newsletter. Well, last month’s article on Dirty Little Secrets About Long Term Care Insurance was a popular one, and generated much interest. We

Newsletter November 2009

866-962-4464 News Letter November 2009 Hi, {!firstname}, For those who are new to, we hope you will find this issue informative. This month, we’re adding a new feature for our caregiver employers, which is a guest author, and

Newsletter December 2009

866-962-4464 Newsletter December, 2009 Hi {!firstname}, We hope you found our last issue useful. For those just joining the newsletter, welcome. Please email us your special questions or areas of interest. This month’s feature article is about holidays and

Newsletter January 2010 Newsletter January 2010 Hi, Welcome to our new readers and a happy new year wish from both of us at This issue gives you a nudge to get your healthcare directive done and Dr. Davis provides some great

Newsletter February 2010

Mailer 02 866-962-4464 NewsLetter February 2010 Hi, {!firstname}, Welcome to’s February newsletter. We had some interesting responses to last month’s issues. Thank you for your feedback. February is about valentines, and matters of the heart. We think it’s

Newsletter March 2010

Mailer 02 866-962-4464 March 2010 Newsletter Hi, {!firstname}, Just Released! Check out a breakthrough device we like, and we bought one for the elder in our lives. If you worry about your loved one who drives, takes walks and

Newsletter April 2010

Hello, again friends, Carolyn here with We hope you and your aging parents and loved ones are doing well. My husband Mikol and I just got back from a trip to Chicago to present at something called the National

Newsletter May 2010

Hello, It’s Carolyn again. Hope you are doing well. We just got back from a great trip, this time a cruise to the Panama Canal. And what an amazing wonder it was! We had a fabulous time and will surely

Something Inspiring That Really Touched Me

Hi –It’s Mikol here, hope you are doing well. Today I wanted to share with you something inspiring that really touched me. We returned recently from San Diego, where we were “support team” for our beautiful daughter, Jessica, who was

Why Some People Are Almost Always Happy?

Hello again. Carolyn and Mikol here.How’s your happiness quotient? Science tells us that if you want to increase your “happiness quotient” every day, it’s important to take time and verbally acknowledge the present blessings in your life. We wanted to

Goin’ To The Bank (AP News #125)

Hello It’s Dr. Mikol. To all our Jewish readers, I would like to wish you a Happy Rosh Hashanah and a Sweet and Healthy New Year. While it may not be the New Year for all of our readers, this

A sweet and lovely ride [AP News # 124]

Hello it’s Mikol and Carolyn here. Today Mikol is going to share something just amazing with you. My own aging parent – my Mom – is 88, still active, and lives alone. In those 88 years she has seen many

How To Avoid Financial Abuse (AP Newsletter 123)

Ok, I want you to use your imagination for a moment. Let’s say you just got off the phone with the bank. They called to tell you that your aging parent – your Dad – had come into the bank

Indian Connections (AgingParents Newsletter #117)

Hello again . Carolyn here. Hope you are doing well. Mikol and I just returned from a business trip to Phoenix, and we were fortunate enough to be able to take a side trip over to beautiful Santa Fe, New

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Testimonials by our readers
"Thank you for the article on the "grey area". It validated what I am currently going through with my Mother. It is so painful for me to go back and forth with her behavior. I just don't know what to do about the estranged sister who has exploited well over $50K of my mother's savings and my Mothers admitted " lack of "will power" to say no to her." Robert ________________________________ "I do want to thank you for the Webinar you offered. It helped me a great deal as I was facing the need to lead our family in finding a safe living situation for our mother. That information and the other information you offered as downloads gave me much needed guidance when I was feeling tremendous anxiety and uncertainty." Betty
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  • The Millennial Caregiver March 9, 2017
    Last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to spend 4 days with my 94-year-old grandmother, Alice, in Southern California. She has recently moved into independent living in a senior community in Los Angeles, after living in Palm Springs for…Read more ›
    Mikol Davis
  • Four Ways Aging Parents (And You) Can Outsmart Scammers In 2017 February 27, 2017
    Every major news outlet runs stories from time to time about the latest scams. The news stories somehow don’t seem to penetrate the problem very well. A study by TrueLink tells us that over $36 billion is stolen from elders…Read more ›
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