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6/20/11 Today I met with Carolyn Rosenblatt and was given an extremely comprehensive consultation. She helped me walk through the many legal options available for me to help my disabled mother and did so in a caring, knowledgeable manner. I walked away knowing I had found the right fit in an attorney and that my money was well spent. I will not hesitate to call on her again! Thanks Carolyn!

Calder Gillam

The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents, written by Carolyn L Rosenblatt, R.N., Attorney, is not the typical “how to” book with recipes and charts on doing Caregiving tasks.


The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents is a helpful and practical resource for family caregivers and professionals. Written by an experienced geriatric nurse and elder-law attorney, it offers useful health care and legal information and I recommend it for students, professionals and the many families grappling with these challenging issues.
— Gary Small, M.D., author of The Memory Bible, and Professor of Psychiatry and Aging at UCLA

Rather, it is a practical collection of studies on topics not covered in mainstream Caregiving books. The chapters on “How to Handle a Dangerous Older Drive,” and “How to Find and Use a Care Manager” were exceptionally useful to me. The 5 step process in dealing with a dangerous driver was worth the time spent reading the entire book.

This is stuff that all Caregivers can and should use. Carolyn’s dual certifications as both a nurse and attorney allow her to look at these problems from a different angle that in turn helps us regard these unique problems differently too. I strongly recommend this book for anyone in the health care business, long term care field, or any Boomer that is looking after adult parents or loved ones. There is a lot of good information that can be put to use in practical situations in the book.Skip Frenzel 12/18/2009

“The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents” is the most comprehensive, forthright, and heartfelt resource guide for families with an aging elder. I highly recommend that you keep this book at hand to help you traverse the challenging path with your elders.

This is the only book for caregivers that contains deep and broad expertise on legal issues, which you will want to know. You’ll find practical step-by-step expertise on legal and health concerns, that can help you feel at ease in the short term and the long term, at a time when you need it most.

The time of your parents’ aging is poignant and delicate. “The Boomer’s Guide to Aging Parents” will help you find your way with clear road markers, like a beacon in the night.

Carolyn is a recognized expert who has a rare and unique combination of deep and broad expertise as an astute attorney and wise nurse. She is a treasure, and a rare find. You’ll want to keep her book on your night stand.

Frannie Field, M.S., MFT, author April 8, 2010

I really appreciated Carolyn’s book — very clear, easy to read, thoroughly addresses overview of key issues. Particularly like the ten tips.-Bob

I read the chapters on “How to Understand the Pros & Cons of Assisted Living” and “Dealing with a Dangerous Older Driver” and found this information very helpful in dealing with my 90 year old mother who was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers. Suggestions were given in how to talk with my mother about assisted care and enlisting other support persons. I genuinely felt that I was not alone in caring for my aging parent.-Judy Taylor, R.N

The support and solid advice I’ve been given these last 4 very long years of dealing with a difficult sibling and a dear mother with declining and debilitating dementia helped to keep me able to deal with the many challenges that I’ve had to face. Believe me it is a mine field.

With Mikol and Carolyn, it has made such a difference in figuring out and deciding how to proceed and ended up with me realizing my own strength in the process.

Hard lessons I came to terms with and continue with daily and on many levels. Thank you both so much!

Susan B.

Carolyn and Dr Davis are experts in the field of mediation. I have personally witnessed their work with elderly clients and their families. Through their expertise and detailed inquiry they were able to assist the client and their children through a difficult process.-E. Tina Chepick RN GCM (Geriatric Care Manager, RN)

“Carolyn was one of Gilbert Guide’s expert columnists during my tenure as managing editor. Not only was I impressed by the breadth and depth of her expertise—on an array of senior-related topics ranging from senior driving to home care—but I was also pleased to discover such a strong writing talent. Being a registered nurse and an attorney, Carolyn has a unique background that lends itself to senior advocacy, but what really makes her stand out is not simply her knowledge and experience; it’s that she’s creative, business-savvy, rigorous in her pursuit of justice, and tireless, as she’s constantly searching for new avenues of helping others. She’s also a joy to work with. I recommend her highly.” -Nikki Jong, Editor Gilbert Guide

I am always blown away with the way you can cut things to the chase and see what is really going on. It is very hard for me to focus and not get caught up in all the details and miss seeing the clear picture. I have learned a lot about myself from your feedback.-Mary C. (Recent Client)

“My 80 year old mother has early stage Alzheimer’s Disease, yet STILL has very clear ideas of her own! What a pleasure to work with caring professionals willing to make the effort to really listen to her, to her concerns and wishes – as well as advising me in my role as caretaker, healthcare proxy and power of attorney. With the huge workload and responsibilities of care-taking, (plus pressures from both immediate and extended family,) I can’t imagine how we’d manage without the ongoing support and guidance my mother and I receive from Ms. Rosenblatt and Dr. Davis. Thank you, both.”-Suzanne C. (Recent Client)

“I talked to seven different lawyers in trying to figure out what kind of help to get for my father. No one seemed to be able to really tell me what I needed. Carolyn, you were the most practical of anyone. You were amazingly helpful.”-Jane H., MD

“I really didn’t know what to do with my crazy sister. She was making my life miserable. I was so relieved when you told me what to say to her in the letter you helped me write. I was worried that she was going to kidnap my mom and it would be so dangerous with her Alzheimer’s. We finally worked it out, and she isn’t giving us any trouble anymore. Mom is stable now.”-Suzanne H.

Carolyn, you really helped me decide what nursing home to put my mom into,and what to do for her when she got there. You gave me some great advice about how to keep her safe. I’ve seen other people, right in front of me, who didn’t have that advice, and they’re in trouble. Mom has finally adjusted to living there, and she’s doing well now.”

Carolyn, I’ve been a case manager for this woman for a long time. You gave me some very helpful suggestions for managing her move to assisted living. I just wasn’t comfortable with the transition. I didn’t know if I had to tell her what was going to happen, because her memory is so bad now. You really gave me the missing piece, and helped me understand the legal part of this move.

“As a Professional Geriatric Care Manager I found Carolyn’s chapter on “How to Handle a Dangerous Older Driver” unparalleled in the current literature and helpful to me with my own parents. Her step-by-step approach gives real-life practical solutions, not just theory. Every adult child of older parents should read this chapter”

Laurel Etheridge, CMC Eldercare Services www.Eldercareanswers.com

“Dear Dr. Davis and Carolyn: Your professional and compassionate assistance provided tremendous help to me in pursuing better care for my mom. You were able to listen to all the information I provided regarding my mom’s situation and distill it into a meaningful letter that I could send to various people who oversee the care of elders. I knew in advance that you would provide excellent assistance because my friends’ whom I adore and respect recommended you. Thank you for caring about my mom even though you haven’t met her; that just shows how genuinely you care for the health and well-being of elders. Sincerely, Ms. Rosenblatt has provided invaluable information and help to both myself and my family in preparing for future legal needs. For me, it means peace of mind knowing that her expertise with elders is there to help me now and in the future as life continues to change. I appreciate her support.” Lupe Buitrago Coleman

Dear Ms. Rosenblatt & Dr. Davis:… After talking to some of the care managers you recommended, my sisters and I met with Michele Boudinot yesterday. We liked her very much and feel that she will be able to help us set up care for our mother that better meets her current needs. Thank you again the valuable information and advise…..Mary

Dear Ms. Rosenblatt & Dr. Davis,

Thank you for your time in managing the meeting with our family. While it was challenging at times, it could not have taken place without your expertise and knowledge of elders and their families. You kept us on-track and focused on the facts to reach a positive outcome (we may have never reached a resolution on our own).

My younger sister called me and offered to get dad’s list of medications and we’ll be meeting with his physician as well. I also reached out to my other sister so we’re all moving in the right direction.

Thank you again for helping us focus on the most important thing that ties us together…our dad.

Kind regards,

Wendy York

Dear AgingParents.com

I want to compliment Carolyn Rosenblatt and Dr. Davis on the newsletter you’ve been sending out to the community. It is exceptionally informative. You have provided useful tools and information to those of us working in the field of gerontology and the legal arena. I appreciate the efforts and applaud the web site.

I look forward to receiving future issues.

Be well and thank you again.



Diane Wadsworth-Woolley, J.D.;MSW;ACSW;RAS

Clinical Director/Elder Care Advocate

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